Jimi folks must take ownership

Letters, Normal

I CALL on my fellow Jimians to look after the infrastructure, facilities and services provided by MP Wake Goi.
If it is true that the newly installed VSat phone at Tapibuga station has been destroyed, then these vandals must be handed over to the authorities.
We have been crying for basic services and progress since Independence and past MPs had done nothing.
Jimi used to be called the back page of Western Highlands.
But all that changed when Mr Goi was voted into office in 2007.
Now that we have what we want, we fail to look after them.
If the act of vandalism was politically motivated, then we have done injustice to our own people.
Instead of moving a step forward, we have taken three steps backward.
While Mr Goi may be sitting with the Opposition, he has brought much progress during his two and a half years in office.
Do we want to go back to the dark days of three years ago?