Juffa: Fix power woe

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The National, Tuesday June 18th, 2013

 THE constant power blackouts in Northern have been blamed on a contract arrangement between PNG Power Ltd and a Lae contractor. 

And Governor Gary Juffa is calling for a review of the contract, which he claims uses a “middle man” to supply fuel for generators in the provinces.

He said the constant blackouts were causing inconvenience to customers and affecting business and commerce. 

Juffa said the province’s electricity was being supplied by three outdated generators that only worked at 70% of their full capacity.

“We would like to purchase a new generator and ensure continuous supply,” Juffa said in a statement yesterday.

“This situation with the contractor in Lae is absurd. It is a smaller company than the fuel supplier and is charging more. 

“We are paying K1 million per annum because instead of contracting the current supplier, someone has seen fit to engage middlemen. 

“This is outrageous and fraudulent. The ordinary Papua New Guinean is paying more for this scam.”

The governor said PNG Power should consider upgrading their generators and other facilities so that reliable electricity could be supplied to the customers in the province.