Juniors urged to uphold principles

The National, Wednesday July 6th, 2016

JUNIOR netballers have been urged to use their talent, passion and potential wisely in whatever they pursued on and off the netball courts.
Miss PNG and Miss Pacific Abigail Havora made the encouragement during the official opening of the National Gaming Control Board-sponsored Junior Netball Championships in Port Moresby.
She said the three principles can help lives after netball.
Havora said that talent and passion were within (a person) while potential was how well one applied talent.
“In other words, talent is who you are as an individual, passion is what drives you and potential is showcasing your talent in a way that will be beneficial,” the beauty queen said.
Havora said in netball, the principles of talent, passion and potential were intertwined.
“You may be talented but without passion your potential will never be realised,” she said.
“Without potential, talent and passion will be wasted.”
“These principles can also be used outside of netball and in life.”
Havora told the juniors: “You all are here as talented, passionate representatives of your respective associations. This event is your opportunity to showcase your potential. Make use of this opportunity  to break through the misconceptions that hinder women’s participation.”