K20,000 given to ELC districts

National, Normal

The National, Thuresday 12th January 2012

THE 28th Lutheran synod under way in Goroka, Eastern Highlands, has witnessed the presentation K20,000 to two Evangelical Lutheran  church districts.
Lawyer Kelly Naru has stretched his missionary work to Tiripini Parish, in Ialibu, Pangia, Southern Highlands, and Karkar district in Madang.
Naru took time off from the busy synod schedule to present K10,000 each to the two church groups.
The money given to Karkar district will be used as seed capital to raise funds towards hosting the next Lutheran synod in 2014.
The K10,000 given to the Tiripini circuit, in Ialibu, Pangia, followed a request for help to complete a church building and build a new pastor’s house.
Naru said the Tiripini circuit, from the Immanuel district, in Ialibu, Pangia district, was one of the last churches the Lutheran church established in the Highlands region.
He said they had been trying to get him to help complete their incomplete church building and pastor’s house but he could not get there because of the bad road conditions and its isolated location.