Keep public place safe

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BOROKO Fire station commander John Gareresi yesterday indicated that a premiere public health facility like Port Moresby General Hospital needed to improve its housekeeping standards.
Mr Gareresi made this remark yesterday after firefighters responded to thick smoke from burning rubbish that had accumulated on one of the fire exit stairway rooms at the hospital’s executive wing yesterday morning.
Some sources at the hospital said that this was caused by a smoker’s lit cigarette butt which landed on the pile of rubbish.
Hospital staff that arrived for work panicked that there was fire in the building as fire fighters were called in to investigate.
 “The careless disposal of combustible materials like empty boxes and discarded plastic bags and papers is unbecoming in a lot of buildings in the city,” he said.
After the smoke was put out, there was water all over the executive wing floor which immediately put cleaners and security guards to task sweeping the water out before wing staff including the hospital CEO could come into their offices.
Hospital CEO Sam Vegogo walked in on the workmen sweeping out the pool of water that had covered most part of the reception where his office is located.
He seemed unaware of what and how the office was flooded at first until he was briefed by his staff.
The CEO could not be contacted for comments on the incident within the hospital building yesterday.