Kitip students in the Philippines

Highlands, Normal

The National, Wednesday 09th November 2011

UNDER an arrangement between Kitip Secondary School in Dei,Western Highlands, and the Adamson University in Manila, Philippines, Grade 12 students from Kitip are doing tertiary studies in the Philippines.
Ten students from Kitip secondary were now under this training arrangement between the two institutions.
This was initiated by Kitip principal Robert Kauna and his deputy Maio Valentin from the Philippines.
According to Kauna, the first two students went in 2009 and eight students followed last year.
Kauna said the students studied in different engineering fields like bachelor of science in electrical engineering, geology, mining, industrial engineering, architecture and customs administration.
He said this year they extended the programme to six other secondary schools in the province with the assistance of Ben Mallari, the guidance officer in the province.
He said this year about 300 Grade12 students within the province and six from Pangia had shown an interest.
Kauna said in the past, he accompanied the students to the Philippines for their entry test, but this year the university sent the entry test booklets and answer sheet to them to conduct the test in the province.
He said the first batch of interested students sat for their entry test yesterday morning.
He said the school fee was about K10,000 which covered accommodation, food and travel.
He said the 10 former students from Kitip studying at the university did very well in
their respective courses.
Mallari, who supervised the first batch of 94 students to sit for their entry test known as scholastic aptitude test at Hagen Park Secondary with deputy headmaster Balaino Alfrendo yesterday morning, said all the answer sheets would be sent back through express mail service.
He said the university would use its own criteria to mark the test papers and inform the students if they were accepted or not.
He said the second and third batch of students would sit for their entry test on Nov 22 and 23.
Mallari said the education year in the Philippines would commence in early June next year and accepted students would travel there by May.