Kulis want to see progress, Graham

Letters, Normal

I AM disappointed to see the poor state of the feeder road from Anglimp junction to the Highlands Highway to Kuli Catholic mission.
This road was upgraded and sealed some 15 years ago but is currently in a state of disrepair due to an increase in the number of vehicles using that road and also the lack of maintenance over the years.
The road is now peppered with potholes, grass has reclaimed part of the road, making it very narrow and difficult for drivers to see on-coming vehicles.
This road will soon become a death trap.
On behalf of the people of Upper and Lower Kuli, who have no choice but to use this road everyday, I call on our Member Jamie Maxtone-Graham to fix it this road immediately.
I call on the MP to come home during the Christmas holidays and see the road’s condition.
Just before the Catholic mission station is a wet crossing that has remained without a bridge for decades.
During the rainy season, the people who live further up on the other side of the river get stranded and remain on this side until the flood subsides.
There are two important institutions on the other side – the Kuli Holy Rosary Primary School and Kuli Vocational Centre.
Since his election in 2007, the people of Anglimp district, especially Upper and Lower Kuli, have not seen any tangible development.
If Mr Maxtone-Graham wants to bring progress to the district, he must upgrade the road, construct a bridge over the Kaimulg River, convert the Pin River wooden bridge near Anglimp High School into a permanent bridge, upgrade the Anglimp High School into a secondary school, construct a new Anglimp district office building, connect electricity from Anglimp station to Kuli Catholic mission and subsidise school fees for Anglimp district students attending various universities and colleges around the country.
Otherwise, our area will remain idle without any progress until the next election.-Kaimulg Kange Via e-mail