Kumuls need God on their side


OUR team Kumuls succumbed to England after spirited group matches that saw them undefeated.
The whole nation rallied behind the team to see them defeat teams as Ireland and Wales, which had previously beaten them by big margins.
That gave us some confidence against England, given our Pacific neighbours’ remarkable achievements against the Kiwis.
While we lament the loss to England, we can be elated that our neighbours Fiji and Tonga, have cruised to the semi-finals.
They prove that tiny Pacific nations can match the heavyweights.
What makes Tonga and Fiji stand out is their spiritual mentoring.
They have a team chaplain who attends to their spiritual needs.
That is evident on field with a prayer after games.
Even Jarryd Hayne commented of the Fiji game with the Kiwis that it was possible “with a little help from above”.
Papua New Guinea is a Christian nation and a big Melanesian brother.
We are also a ‘prophetic’ nation.
I think we should start living up to it.
Get the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob into our games now.
Without Him there is so much pride which leads to fall.
God bless PNG.