Law and order issue


HOW can the slogan ‘Making PNG the Richest Black Christian nation on the planet’ become a reality when the electorate of Prime Minister James Marape, Tari/Pori, is lacking basic law and order?
While tribal fights seem like never to end and infrastructure developments and lack of government services seem to be non–existence or deteriorate rapidly.
In order for Marape to change PNG, he should find a workable solution to end the tribal fights, improve the township of Tari town and improve the lifestyles of his people by building necessary infrastructures to raise his people’s living standard.
I might sound too harsh here but that’s the reality, any rational citizen cannot deny that.
Therefore it’s now incumbent the PM James Marape and his Hela colleague MPs to draw up a workable plan that could eradicate or improve the negative picture of Hela and its people.
Otherwise the slogan will be just the sweet melody to the ears and nothing tangible will eventuate and beggars will still beg at the streets of Boroko and downtown while our mothers and girls will feel unsafe and be sexually harassed by uncivilized and primitive minds.

Netzah Kendino (Pom)

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  • Netzay, you do something good in your little ways and let the PM Handle his electorate. Rome was not built in a day. Understand the situation before you say something.

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