Laws are made for the people not MPs

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday November 7th, 2013

 LET me express my acknowledgement to Paul Tientsin for his defection to the Opposition chambers.

 I am just a man like any other man on the face of this earth so I cannot judge the motive behind why he left his colleagues in the government and joined ranks with the opposition.  

The Peter O’Neill government is being closely monitored by the bureaucrats, public servants and Christians after making some controversial changes to the constitution.

The people are confused and most do not even know if we are heading towards the right way.

Is this the reason why Paul Tientsin severed his ties with the government or is it because he wants to use the opposition as a shield against the charges being laid against him in court?

The current trend we are in right now is that the executive arm of the government which our PM is the head, has already curtailed the ability of the legislature after amending the constitution. 

It is obvious that the parliament has become more supreme than the constitution which in this case, the charges laid against the members of parliament may be true but no action can be taken since the parliament is supreme. 

We can put it this way, the laws are made for the people not the MPs.


Paul Dikana, Via email