Let’s support uni students in their demands

The National,Tuesday June 14th, 2016

I WISH to discourage contributors to the letters column to avoid making unjustified comments on the recent student unrest which resulted in many being injured.
Judging and labeling the student’s actions from your own opinion would not do any good to anyone especially after the students have sacrificed their lives to speak for what is right and have got themselves injured.
Instead, we should stand together with all our students at this time, share our sympathy with them and pray for our country and ask God to bless our leaders and lead us out of any trouble.
If anyone has listened to the recent Parliament session one could hear clearly a disturbing question raised by an Opposition MP during question time alleging that there was biased recruitment in the PNGDF recruitment so far which has resulted in high number of cadets recruited from a particular province where a government MP hails from. If this is true then it must be of great concern to every citizens of this country where our future would lies.
As the Parliament session continued, another government MP was heard shouting as “Who are they?” when Rabaul MP Dr. Allan Marat was raising a series of question to the Prime Minister, Peter O’Neil, about the UPNG student unrest which took place earlier that day.
Imagine if leaders can willingly question our intellectuals (UPNG students) who are members of our societies and represents each tribe, district and province they come from then who are we, as ordinary citizens of this nation to these breed of politicians?
If our elected MPs can feel fit to ask such foolish questions without having the courage to offer possible means or dialogues between the government and students to address the issues at hand then we all are no body to these bunch of MPs.
And if there is an intention of an autocratic rule it can easily happened overnight judging by the current turn of events.
Moreover, the MP who asked this question to Dr. Allan Marat is also a party leader of a party which hails from the Momase region.
Maybe he has a point to ask such stupid question but this is not what we the people want from a leader of your caliber to yell like a kid.
Papua New Guinea should now be asking why is the Parliament adjourned to August when there are serious issues to be discussed and addressed.
Even the Speaker has questioned the motive behind the adjournment. Isn’t this clear enough for every citizen to judge where our country is heading to whilE attempts to scrutinize all local media can also be seen as a threat to our media freedom.

Gai Mole
Boroko, NCD