Letters in brief


NID card:
I APPLIED for an NID card at the Lae facility in January. They said it will be ready in May. I went back in May and they said come back next year. So what would be the problem?

Billy Pala,
Butibum, Lae

Please address this:
ALL Chimbu members of parliament need to address this. Please take the burden away from those who usually travel on a bus either to Mt Hagen or Goroka to get on a plane to Port Moresby. I would request for the seven MPs to contribute from their PSIP and DSIP to subsidise the air travel either in and out of Goroka and Mt Hagen to Port Moresby. Why are they turning a blind eye to their own people of Chimbu who risks their lives travelling the treacherous Okuk Highway. Too much expenses are involved in catching a plane due to the closure of Kundiawa airport some seven donkey years ago.

Bob Drikori
Ex Kiap, Gumine

Asset overseas:
WHILE many in the country struggle and fight to put food on the table, some high profile politicians and businessmen are running away and building assets overseas.
As we struggle to build our country and develop it, someone has already seen the civilisation and development in the other world. Setting up business, buying cars, transferring families to overseas and enjoy their lives abroad.
I wonder why they afraid? PNG is regarded as one of the resourceful country in the Pacific region but also a developing country. But, there is still corruption going on in the country, we cannot stop until someone being honest to themselves and change their mindset.
Let us set dreams/vision and carry out our mission.

Jonathan Mok, NGV

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