Letters in brief


Tuition fee a burden:
The education fee structure in tertiary institution is a discriminatory as most of our people in the village cannot afford it. Many students and parents are facing hardships to meet the fees imposed. Ninety per cent of people are villagers who cannot afford the K12,000 to K14,000 school fees or tuition fees charged by universities and colleges. I’m wondering if the student loan scheme announced by the government on Feb 14 last year will be effected year.

Moses Tambo

Teachers blamed:
The primary purpose of teaching is to bring a fundamental change in the learner. To facilitate the process of knowledge transmission, teachers should apply appropriate teaching that best suits specific objectives and level exit outcomes. Kundiawa Lutheran Day Secondary School teachers lack the ability to effectively teach in class. As a result of poor performance of teachers, majority of grade 12 students of 2018 did not do well in the national exams. We need new teachers at Kundiawa Lutheran Day Secondary.

Frustrated Parent

Retirement funds delay:
Please allow me space in your column to appeal to the Government of the day and those in authority to give priority to welfare needs of its work force. This is in terms of timely payment of their retirement or exit benefits to Nambawan Super Ltd. It should have always been a priority expenditure item in every annual budget, but all governments to date have ignored and allowed those who exited to suffer with their families in silence.

Fed up, NCD

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