Letters in brief


Empty promises:
TO the Secretary for Department of Personnel Management: where is our 3 per cent salary increase that you promised to pay us on pay number Dec 26. Can you tell the public servants why that promise was not fulfilled? I remember the 3 per cent increased back payment we public servants received for year 2017. What about the 2018 promised to be paid Jan pay number 1 and 2? Come on secretary, please do not make empty promises to the public servants. Just pay.

Concerned Public Servant

School needs help:
The new Gusamp High School in Jiwaka is in dire need of funds. It was set using raw materials including untreated timber, handcrafted pitpit (wild cane) and bamboo. The makeshift buildings need to be upgraded. Our good Jiwaka governor we have seen and heard of your continuous assistance and funding to various institutions and groups, which is highly commendable and appreciated. We know we are on your list. We also hope any good samaritan can step in with assistance.

Jika Kaman, Parent

Christmas, a pagan practice:
THE Christmas Day honoured and celebrated in the Christian arena is a pagan belief and out of context. There is no Bible reference quoted of specific dates, time, place, days and months to honour, worship and commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. Dec 25 is initiated by man and recorded in the calendar of this world for personal gain, but not to fulfil the will of God. Everything we do in the service of the Lord on this earth must be confirmed by the scriptures.
Anointed Christian