We need better policies for development and service delivery


THIS is an open letter to all our MPs in regards to the current scenario of developments taking place.
Regardless of statutes and on which side of the house you stand, you are tasked to protect this country and put your indigenous people’s interest first.
We, the ordinary citizens of this country, don’t want our young developing nation to be managed by tyrants and dictators.
What matters most is designing policies of national interest.
Consultation must be carried out involving all Government bodies, stakeholders, private corporate bodies and churches.
Ensure pluralism must be accorded to show the true meaning of democracy.
Current policies are self-centered policies.
Some theories are based on personal assumptions, and as a result we end up with failed policies.
Free education, free health care, SIM card registration and deactivation, ban on use of plastic bags, Public Money Management and Regularisation Act 2018 (PMMRA) are some of the good examples.
Those policies are seen as coming out of only one source.
Other legal bodies/sources have not been consulted.
We should filter proposed policies, channel them through proper research and screening processes before they go out for implementation.
Why are we leaving out institutions like National Research Institute?
There are many more agencies that need active participation in setting up policies of national interest. In fact, our country is still developing.
For sure we need invention of new ideas, amendment of existing laws and policies to help change this country and improve people’s living standards.
In order to achieve good policies, we need to involve appropriate agencies.
To our leaders, please do not experiment ideas.
Some developed countries have already taken advantage of how we run our country and used Papua New Guinea as dumping ground.
Australian education department have dumped their outdated outcome based education (OBE) system to PNG.
It was phased out but too late, our children have become victims.
Canadian government, through Nautilus Minerals, is in a process of trying out new technology, a sea bed mine never tested in any part of the world.
Refugee centre on Manus Island creates lots of problem.
What more do we anticipate in the future?

Hanam Bill Sandu