Letters in brief


Role models:
Principals and teachers of secondary schools should be role models for their students, especially in the Catholic-run schools. They advise students such things as respect. When it comes to themselves, they show no respect for the students. They shout at them and humiliate them with sarcastic comments in front of their peers. Principals and teachers must be weary of their approaches to students.


Why delay:
Communities in Tuna Bay, Taurama, hosted a week-long volleyball tournament during Apec Week in Nov 2018. More than 20 teams participated in this volleyball tournament. Teams and players were assured by tournament director and his tournament officials that prizes from NCD governor would be presented after the games. It is now Feb 2019. The teams and players are still waiting for the presentation and Governor’s pledged amount of K5000. Can sports coordinators from NCDC sports office explain why there has been a very long delay that is already painting a bad image of the governor?

Namona Lasi, Tuna Bay

Power off:
It has been a tradition for PNG Power to let Wawin National High School stay in the dark for days and even weeks. Once there is a wind, power goes off. Once there is a rain, power goes off.
When we report to PNG Power, it takes days or even weeks to put the power back on. Despite this, we have been one of the top 10 performing schools in the country. We can even do much better if our power woes are addressed. However, the cheating is this: the 26 staff houses pay Easipay worth hundreds of kina but we do not use it for days and even weeks. As a school, we run on fuel and it costs a lot.

Nigel John
Deputy Principal – Administration