Letters in brief


Annoying potholes:
Potholes are a common annoyance on our roads. While small potholes may only cause minor damage to a vehicle, larger ones can actually cause an accident and possibly severe injury. Potholes are caused by the expansion and contraction of ground water after the water has entered the ground. Google tells me that pavement preservation is pothole prevention. Most potholes can be prevented by using preservation treatments early on before severe distresses are formed. Sealing cracks in a pavement is the most important step in preventing potholes. Let’s stop the sub-standard patching of potholes in the city and ensure contractors comply with world standards.

Taxpayer, POM

Tough courses:
The University of Papua New Guinea’s Open campus in NCD is a joke, especially with the external mode. There are only three months per semester for the same number of courses internal students get. Tell me, who can manage more than four courses in three months? To make things worse, the management still does not have the materials the students need for the courses they are doing. The level of incompetence is amazing, especially for an institution that claims to be the premier university of the Pacific.

Donal Noye

Smoking law:
If my memory serves me right, there is supposed to be a ‘No Smoking’ law in place covering public motor vehicles and public places. It was launched some years back. The authorities love to remind people of this every now and then but take no action to enforce it. No one seems to be walking the talk.


Long queues:
Major shopping outlets, especially in Port Moresby, still have a long way to go to achieve customer satisfaction during peak shopping hours. Why close serving stations when you can see queues extending into the aisles? The management should by now know the shopping trend and act to ensure a smooth operation for both their cashiers, packers and the customer. Waiting in a queue to be served in one particular shop has been extended from five minutes to almost 15 minutes. Cashiers and packers should be changing on at least four-hour shifts so they are not stressed come peak hours.

Shopper, POM

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