Local church launches website

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The National, Thursday August 1st, 2013

 MEMBERS of the Wildlife Adventist Church in Port Moresby have been urged to use technology to spread the word of God.

Central Papua Conference Communication director Pr Cameron Wari made the challenge when launching the church’s websiteon Sunday.

Wari said with the increased use of internet and mobile phones, the church should take the opportunity to tell others about Christ and his love for humanity.  

“Since the world is now on the fast lane, the church must also move with time,” he said. 

“If we do not take on the challenges posed by technology, there will be a tendency for apostasy, especially when young people start looking out to the colourful world.

“We need to create avenues in the church where we can get our  members to use their skills in modern technology to be witnesses for Christ.”

Quoting from John 15:16, Wari told the church that “God had chosen and ordained us to be productive”.

He said the church should bear fruit by accepting changes. 

“The church that abides in Jesus’ Word will welcome changes openly, especially with evangelism and the mission of the church.”

He congratulated the church on launching its website (www.wildlife.adventist connect.org) and urged members to maintain it.