Local leader raises security concerns

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The National, Thursday 13th June 2013

 A COMMUNITY leader at Wurup in Anglimp, Jiwaka, is concerned about security during the local level government elections.

Joseph Tep from the Kopi tribe said the Government must provide funding to engage security officers.

“I see that there will be more trouble at the end of this election because of the supporters’ behaviour,” Tep said.

He said the Electoral Commission should have created more awareness in some remote villages so that people could understand the LLG election.

Tep said judging from what he had seen so far on how campaigns were held, he expected problems.

“This is the third level of Government election and it would be better if the Government can fund security personnel to assist.”

“I believe there will be more problems after the election and I do not want lives and properties lost,” Tep said.

He said people needed to change their behaviour and respect election laws.

“If the rules are followed then a peaceful election will be held and it will protect the lives of people and properties,” he said.

Tep said problems might erupt at the polling booths or even after the counting and declaration.

“Prevention is better than cure and I’m appealing to the government to take this election more seriously,” he said.