Looking for your leaders

Letters, Normal

I AM an autograph collector, and that has been my very passionate and exciting hobby for almost 28 years. I have always been interested in foreign politics, and that is why my collection only holds original handwritten signatures of leaders of state/governments like royal families, presidents, governors, prime ministers and foreign ministers. 
I have received only one autograph from Papua New Guinea, from Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare.
I am searching for contact information and autographs of these political leaders: Jeffrey Nape, Sir Silas Atopare, Sir Wiwa Korowi, Sir Mekere Morauta, Sir Julius Chan, John Giheno, Paias Wingti, Sam Abal, John Waiko, John Pundari, Bart Philemon, Chris Haiveta and Ted Diro.
Can anyone help with addresses or e-mail addresses?


Jan Syvertsen,
P.O Box 220,
4703 Vennesla,