Love of money leads to sin, reverend says


THE Bible in 1Timothy 6:10 says the love of money is the source of all kinds of evil.
This does not mean money is evil. It is in fact a blessing from God.
But too much love for money to satisfy the lusts of the flesh can bring death and destruction.
This was the message from a Nazarene Church pastor in Jiwaka recently.
Kudjip Nazarene Emmanuel Church pastor Rev Philip Nolye said when love for money took prominence in one’s life rather than love for God, sin would creep in and bring death and destruction.
He based his sermon on Mathew 26:14-16 where Judas betrays Jesus for only 30 silver coins, despite being one of Jesus disciples and knowing Him as the Son of God.
“Judas betrayed Jesus because he loved money so much,” Nolye said.
“Don’t let the love of money drive you.
“Too much love for money leads you to sin which brings death and destruction.”
He emphasised that the desire to have money should not have dominion over our lives because it would cut off our communication with God.
“Judas brought destruction to the disciples as well as himself.
“You may betray your family, society and country because of your lust for money. Too much greed for money is bringing chaos into the society.
“For the love of money, young girls sell themselves cheaply to prostitution, marry old men, and young people end up with HIV/AIDS.
“Greed for money is a big problem in this country.
“Many good politicians forget their people when they see money.
“Many die young because of their burning desire for money.”
He urged Christians to be content with what they have in life.
“Yes, money is not evil, a blessing from God, but we must not allow it to be an idol or god in our lives,” Nolye warned members of the church.