Make service providers liable


GIVEN the fact that Papua New Guineans wear their hearts on their sleeves, the enforcement of social distancing is an uphill battle in Port Moresby.
We turn to shake hands or hug friends and family members excessively – sometimes more than once with the same person in any given day.
I point out two ways in which we could enforce social distancing.
Both are to do with having the onus on the service providers.
All shop owners should be held responsible for crowds congregating at their shop fronts.
They must be held responsible for people selling betel nut at their shop fronts.
A hefty fine would be a good deterrent.
It is up to the shop owners to employ security guards to enforce social distancing and the betel nut ban.
All bus drivers and crews should be held responsible for betel nut sellers and other vendors crowding the bus stops.
At any time that police see people breaking the social distancing protocol and selling betel nut, all the buses at the bus stop at that point in time must be fined.
Again the amount must be hefty.
I believe these two suggestions will help our people obey social distancing protocol at hot spots.

Morata II

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