Make vaccination compulsory: Dr Tom, Parkop


TWO MPs want Prime Minister James Marape to make Coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccination compulsory in the country.
National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop and Wabag MP Dr Lino Tom expressed concern that people have to be forced to be vaccinated to successfully address Covid-19 in the country.
Dr Tom, a medical doctor and the Fisheries Minister, said there was a lot of misinformation going around.
“Covid-19 is a new virus,” he said.
“Usually, research on diseases to come up with vaccination takes years before scientific evidences are proven before vaccinations are produced.
“However, for Covid-19, there is not enough time to do detailed research.
“The results (vaccination) that we have right now are not established yet, but that does not mean that we have to wait till we get the results or evidence before we start vaccinating our people.”
Parkop said people should take Covid-19 vaccine just as they got vaccinated against tuberculosis, smallpox, tetanus, hepatitis B and other diseases without questioning the Government.
“We just lined up and got vaccinated, and it is good,” he said.
“We have to protect our economy.”

One thought on “Make vaccination compulsory: Dr Tom, Parkop

  • Can the two MP’s come out and give us actual data on the following:

    How many people have had covid and recovered from the total population?
    How many people died of covid, of the number that died, how many had underlying health conditions? How many were man? how many were women? how many had no underlying health conditions?
    How much of the total population are critically ill? How much of the population are over the age of 50?
    Why do you want to vaccinate healthy people when the recovery rate for healthy people who got covid is 99.9% recovery and in the process will build natural immunity against it.

    You have to do better with actual statistics to convince people and not FORCE it because you can not provide accurate information. Remember people have their Democratic right and freedom of choice, do not strip that away because the Government is incompetent in establishing and maintaining critical data.

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