Malau denies role in Laloki deal

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday 25th November 2011

I WOULD like to categorically deny the report on page two of your paper on Nov 22 entitled “Laloki training centre tenants face eviction”.
The report implied that I signed the contract on behalf of the state.
I have maintained my principles of transparency and accountability, and follow due procurement processes.
I did not at any time, as secretary for health, succumb to any pressure to sign dubious deals for and on behalf of the state unless I was misled.
I regret that the report implicated me as succumbing to pressure to sign a dubious deal like that.
The fraud squad investigation has the original copy of the contract and who signed it.
This matter is now with the fraud squad and the truth shall be revealed.
Reporters should be encouraged to do more detailed investigative journalism in order to provide balanced and factual information to the public.
Dr Clement Malau
Malu village, Ambunti