Man allegedly kills wife over buai sales

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The National, Thursday February 6th, 2014

 POLICE in Lae are looking for a man accused of killing his wife after an argument over takings from betel nut sales.

Lae metropolitan commander Supt Iven Lakatani said the woman from Southern Highlands had an argument with her husband over their daily takings for betel nut sales at Omili, in Kamkumung, on Sunday.

“The argument led to a fight between the wife and husband eventually leading to the husband taking a knife out and stabbing the wife,” he said.

He said the husband immediately fled from the crime scene in fear of reprisal from his wife’s relatives after realising that she had died. 

He is still at large.

Meanwhile, the police community partnership programme initiated by Lakatani late last year will look at addressing issues such as vendors returning to bus stops to sell their wares.

“Though it is not within our jurisdiction to regulate street vendors, officers will carry out awareness in communities to inform vendors to sell at designated areas only,” he said.

“The Lae city council is the mandated authority to enforce and regulate street vendors but police would only be assisting through awareness.”