Marat queries funds delay

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The National, Monday July 22nd, 2013


RABAUL MP Dr Allan Marat has questioned the delay in the release of the district services improvement programme (DSIP) funds for his electorate.

Marat questioned Finance Minister James Marape in Parliament on why Rabaul still had K1 million after K8 million of DSIP funds was given to East New Britain on Feb 6. 

Other districts in the province had already been given up to K2 million, Marat claimed. 

Marape said the annual financial cycle was based on cash projections and not all districts had received an equal amount of DSIP funds. 

He said the Finance Department was updating accounts to verify which districts received more or in line with the cash availability. 

“We will disburse. Some districts have received up to K4 million and some less to K1 million,” Marape said.

“As I speak not one district in this country has missed out on the DSIP funds. 

“The amounts vary but the DSIP funds were remitted to all disticts. 

“Sometime next week, depending on the availability of funds, Rabaul will see the benefit of DSIP funds with direct fund intervention to this district. 

“We respect the fact that he (Marat) occpuies an important district in this country and the people of Rabaul will not be missed out in this appropriation of funds.” 

Marape said by the end of this year, the K10 million allocated for Rabaul will be fully remitted to the district.