Marawaka awaiting promised development


A GOOD amount of money was committed by the former prime minister Peter O’Neill to Marawaka sub-district during a hydro project opening in 2014.
Since then, we haven’t heard anything about that funding.
Maybe the cheque is still waiting to be cleared.
Eastern Highlands Governor Peter Numu was to announce projects to benefit remote Marawaka people in early 2019 on a high school, rural airstrip maintenance, pilot training for one local student and other developments but still there are no tangible projects.
Yelia local level government and Obura-Wonenara people are voiceless and silent about questioning the integrity of leaders on promised developments and funding.
I want to know whether the authorities have actually done something about those commitments.
The Yelia community were happy to hear the good speeches from our leaders.
But there are no outcomes for those speeches.

Marawaka Station
Gemel Wox Wasi