Men’s matches set for Highlands Confederate Championships


THE men’s matches for the Papua New Guinea Rugby Football League (PNGRFL) Highlands Confederation Championships are set for Goroka this weekend.
The Under-20, men’s and women’s final squads of 20 each will then be selected for the National Confederate Championships in Lae on Sept 4-6.
Highlands Confederation director Joe Tokam confirmed yesterday.
Tokam confirmed that only nine leagues that had fully met the PNGRFL requirements were Tari, Komo (Hela), Ialibu (Southern Highlands), Hagen (Western Highlands), Kimil, Banz, Mt Kunumb, Minj (Jiwaka), Goroka (Eastern Highlands).
Tokam said he was disappointed that 2018 champions Mendi, Kundiawa, Wabag, Pangia and Nondgul had failed to meet the player registration requirements set by PNGRFL, resulting in their exclusion from the trials.
“The trials are where we expose potential talent for the Digicel Cup so the door is wide open for players to come out and showcase their skills,” he said.
Tokam said that the round-robin games would be played on Saturday and the playoffs on Sunday.
Fixtures: Goroka White v Komo, Tari v Minj, Ialibu v Kunumb, Hagen v Banz, Goroka Red v Kimil.
U20 squad: Donzen Hoyoto, Manu Solie, Russell Terema, Kayaiya Ross, Sethy Warlock (Goroka), Jason Robert, Mul Doa, Daniel Tali (Hagen), David Alabe, Atua Jousah (Tari), Desmond Nande (Ialibu, Soti Kumb (Mt Kunumb), Hamule Wabe (Komo), Jonah Rei (Kimil), Bobby Giku (Minj).
Women’s squad: Tina Kupusila, Seroge Sabumei, Rachael Kave (Goroka), Lyannah Allan, Belinda Gwasamun, Angelica Nanege, Regila Wilfred, Beverly Neng (Hagen), Mary Temba, Wari Peter, Melisa Tee (Kimil), Melisa Waine (Mt Kunumb), Ruth Martin, Anna Kapal (Minj), Sharon Kopio (South Waghi), Eva Kalapo, Nare Danny (Ialibu).

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