Microbank, Digicel join forces

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The National, Tuesday 06th December 2011

TELEPHONE company Digicel PNG Ltd has partnered with Nationwide Microbank to provide professional customer care and call centre services to the bank’s customers throughout the country.
The Microbank call centre was launched last Friday.
Digicel, who introduced PNG’s first 24-hour customer care service in 2007, would provide the manpower and its state-of-the-art call centre facilities to assist Microbank customers.
Microbank managing director Tony Westaway said: “The opening of the call centre further cements our relationship with Digicel.
“Not only is Digicel providing improved connectivity to a number of our branches and hosting our mobile money platform, but it is also managing our call centre environment.
“Nationwide Microbank’s mission is to bank the unbanked,” Westaway said.
“This is a large untapped market which finds difficulty in obtaining access to financial services
“However, through innovation and mobile phone technology, Nationwide Microbank will now extend our outreach across the nation.
“Both existing and new customers availing of the MiCash Mobile Wallet will now be able to obtain customer support by simply dialing 16789.
“I thank the Nationwide Microbank and Digicel  teams for making financial inclusion for the grassroots a reality,” Westaway said.
Five trained customer care agents and a supervisor will be at the call centre.
Digicel operations director Lorna McPherson said: “Digicel transformed the customer care experience in PNG and has set the standards in the country with a 24-hour free customer care hotline and a commitment to providing quality service.
“We have this year extended our experience and technology as an outsourced solution to our partners which are Airlines PNG, Post PNG and now Nationwide Microbank.
“The outsourcing of the call centre has further strengthened and enhanced our partnership with the Nationwide Microbank,” McPherson said.
Microbank customers can simply dial the customer-care toll free number 16789 on their Digicel phone for direct assistance regarding their Microbank queries.
The menu options for assistance are 1 for MiCash, 2 for Vehicle Loans and 3 for other products.
Microbank intends to expand to more product support.