Miners visit Degekevi

Momase, Normal

The National – Thursday, December 30, 2010

 WHEN people in urban areas go on heavy shopping sprees during Christmas and exchange gifts with their loved ones, some in the remote parts of the country are still tucked in their villages and miss out on the essence of Christmas.

The villagers from Degekevi in the Usino-Bundi area, Madang were no exception. Usino and Bundi are the most remote districts in the country.

On Dec 20, Ramu NiCo chief technical director Dr James Wang, Kurumbukari mine site manager Deng Heng Bo and other senior staff, including Guo Deming, made a surprise visit to the village with gifts. 

Excited villagers welcomed them with open arms. 

Though Degekevi village is located in the mining location, it has poor road conditions, especially in the rainy season.

Vehicles travelling on that road experienced slippery conditions which pose a threat to road users.

But the Ramu NiCo team braved the road on Christmas Eve, impressing but also surprising the villagers.

The village chiefs welcomed the team and thanked Ramu NiCo.

Dr Yang Yan of Ramu NiCo medical section, who accompanied the team, provided free detailed medical examination and diagnosis to the sick people, as many had not had access to proper medical services for some time.