Trukai staff bring Xmas to Angau patients

Momase, Normal


TRUKAI Industries Ltd staff chipped in K1 each over the last few weeks and, on Christmas Eve bought gifts to present at Angau Memorial Hospital.

The staff bought two cakes, 10 20kg Roots rice bags and 48 Trukai shopping bags for the nursing, accident and emergency patients of Angau.

Trukai distribution manager Tony Changei said it was his initiative to assist the hospital during Christmas.

He said the two cakes with the shopping bags were for the accidents and emergency and full nursing units while the rice bags were for the patients at Angau.

“We give the cakes just to make you, the staff of Angau, happy when celebrating this Christmas,” he said during their visit.

Director nursing at Angau Sr Freda Makanda, who was pleasantly surprised said: “We are thankful for your thoughtfulness.”