Monitor bus stops at Badili, Koki


AROUND 5.40pm last Sunday, a woman was stabbed in the hand by a thief who snatched her bilum in a PMV bus at Badili bus stop opposite the police station.
As the thief hurried away, a brave man retrieved the bilum from him and handed it over to the woman who was bleeding.
She then sought help at the police station.
No police officer was in sight.
I am worried that despite the police station being nearby, bag-snatching and violence has been happening frequently for many years and a lot of women and men have become victims.
Last year, a thief attempted to snatch my waist bag but failed as I kicked him out of the bus.
These thieves come from the 2-Mile settlement with dangerous weapons and they mostly conduct their criminal activities during afternoons.
They either travel among the passengers from Koki or wait at the bus stop to prey on unsuspecting persons.
Badili police, while doing a good job in addressing law and order issues in the area, should also ensure the safety of the travelling public at the bus stop in front of their station.
Passengers should always be alert when travelling past Badili, Kaugere and Sabama.

Concerned Citizen