Morata’s bad road a shame


THE 10-minute ride from Morata 1 to Waigani market is almost an hour’s ride because of potholes.
The roads have not been maintained for years which is a great shame for such a street in the core of the city.
This is a serious problem which should be addressed by those in power, especially by North-West MP Sir Mekere Morauta.
The potholes are large and when it rains they become worse with mud.
This affects about 7000 people living in the area who are mostly working-class people and students. Being late to work and school, because of the road condition, is not uncommon.
The PMVs have increased the fare from 50 toea to K1 and that, too, is affecting the students, especially those who are studying at the University of PNG.

Cathy Mote, UPNG