Morobe poll security funds paid

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 17th, 2013


THE Morobe provincial administration confirmed yesterday that it had given funds to police to provide security in local level government elections in the province. 

Treasurer Andrew Namuesh said two cheques totalling K328,900 had been given to police last week.

Namuesh said this following revelations by provincial police commander Leo Lamei that police had yet to receive a K200,000 commitment made by the administration.

But Namuesh said a cheque for K179,000 was given to Lae metropolitan commander Supt Ivan Lakatani and another cheque for K149,900 was given to Morobe rural police commander Insp David Warap.

The treasurer said both cheques were raised on July 9.

“The commitments made by the administration have been fulfilled,” Namuesh said.

“I don’t know what commitment they are talking about.” 

Namuesh said no more funds would be coming from the administration as they had given what they had promised.

“It is a lot of money. They have to use it properly,” he said.

Namuesh said public servants should not complain about allowances and extra money because they were getting paid from public funds and they should carry out their constitutional duties without asking for more.

Lamei said the funds he was referring to were for transportation and not other costs.

He said allowances was a non-issue as policemen were being paid.

He said quotations for boat, dinghy and helicopter hire forwarded to the administration were the only concern he was referring to and something had to be done about that.

He confirmed police had received a portion of the money promised by the administration.