Mother pleads for peace

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The National, Friday 30th December 2011

THE daughter of a former chief in North Waghi and the Kulaka tribe Mek Korop has challenged the people of Jiwaka to promote business, educate their children and do away with conflicts especially tribal fights.
Speaking at a peace reconciliation last Friday at Kimil, North Waghi, Western Highlands, Maria Mek said children and mothers had become victims and were displaced when men became involved in conflicts and fights.
She said there had been good leaders in the past who had maintained peace and harmony for so many years and they should continue to do that for the good of all children and mothers.
“Fighting and conflicts between us will not promise a bright future for our children and mothers,” she said.
She said a community effort in promoting peace would improve their livelihood and their children’s education.
“As parents and wives, we don’t want to lose our husbands and sons in tribal wars and we don’t want to be displaced as a result,” she said.
She said with the creation of the new Jiwaka province, they wanted peace to rise up with the new province to see real change in their lives.
She challenged leaders in the region to get rid of guns and other weapons to promote peace so that services and businesses continued to grow.
She said when there was no conflict, “there is peace and when there is peace, it will attract business investment and service delivery, which will improve our children’s education and our living standard.”