Mother weeps for son

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A MOTHER’S mournful cry echoed across the road at Vadavada, Moresby South, as she grieved the loss of her 24-year-old son who lay covered in blankets on the four-lane road on Monday morning.
The National visited the scene as the woman, still crying and thinking aloud: “Why did he have to go?
“Who will look after me?”
Police and the St John Ambulance who were at the scene allowed the woman to say her goodbye before taking the body away in the ambulance.
Police said the young man was killed at his home on the mountainside in front of a store early on Monday.
The family of the deceased took the body and left it with his grieving mother while they planned on retaliation.
A man from Enga is understood to have been injured.
National Capital District homicide confirmed that the deceased had been chopped and died at the scene.
Police investigations continue.


  • Very sorry and sad to see her crying for her son died in the hands of criminals,please investigate and fully identify the culprit behind the innocent lives taken away so soon.My condolence to the mother and the immediate family members during this time of sorrow…

  • Why do people kill without mercy or fear????
    When will this killing thing stop????
    When will people for once try to respect one another and live peacefully????

    Death penalty MUST be imposed immediately!!
    Get rid of the animals living amongst the people!!

  • Good lord has given us brains to think, Eye to see and mouth to talk. All forms of body has got its purpose for a rightful actions. Abuse leads to such unwanted and unexpected deaths, crimes and pain. If all people fight against criminal activities, we should not be having problems. However, it starts at home, father and mother giving birth to a child not for pleasure but with a plan to look after, care and make them become someone in life. That principle is missing, while unplanned population is growing – that causes stress in the society. God will not do miracle, its the people to think and act.

  • The underlying is the government….if there is consistencies with the government then it wont be any problems, not many going to school not many having decent jobs, many illiterate missed out on SME and living standard is very high compare to the earnings made all these contribute to the problems we see and face today.

  • Death sentence must go with the type of killing. If it’s willful and barbaric, it should be hanging, willful firing squad, lethal injection and electric chair to other wilful murders depending on severity of it.

    Please the execute the death sentence quick.. this might help make people think twice before committing the offence…

  • Very sorry for the mother. Truly a sad scene!

    I have noticed so many bad things happening this xmas period in Port Moresby and I am wondering if such things are happening as we move towards the end times. It surely is a sign of the end times and we must expect more of it!

  • Papa god, givim bel isi lo disla mama blo mi ya.
    Sore mi tingim mama blo mi na bel blo mi buruk stret.
    Mi worry ya. Anutu yet bai save husait mahn e wokim disla kain pasin nogut lo em.

  • Humans have forgotten to walk lightly and live peacefully on the face of this planet. Crimes after crimes are becoming a normal norm.
    The adopted western laws are failing to address and contain these waves of crimes.
    Our forefathers eye for an eye should apply. The murderer should just be taken and killed instead of wasting money and time through courts and then feeding him in jail.

  • Law and order is one of the key issues/ problems identified in this country. Our leaders in different hierarchies have to take extra steps to sort out the law and order issues. For the police force, e.g., the utilization of police men in public place and their presence during morning and afternoon hours at locations of interest is a wonderful approach to provide a safe environment to the public. Police men on horse back or motor cycle in public place and areas of interest is a good approach to go in providing a safe environment for the public.

  • Sorry mama, the grieving of your son really touches our hearts.
    May the good LORD give your peace and comfort in your grieving heart.

    May his sole rest easy, brother.

  • Re introduce the Police Enhancement Program and sort out law & Order Issue. Its getting out of hand and many innocent lives are lost, culprits are loose on the streets. Impose life imprisonment. Most crying christian country but under the blanket of Christianity

  • Sorry mama, bel blong mi bruk long lukim yu sidaun na krai long pikinini.Yu karem em na lukautim em long kamap man olsem mipela stap. ol mama blong mipela mekim wan kain tu long lukautim mipela tu.Mi sore long yu mama.When I was young man, my father and mami used to tell me that we will die first before you die because they didn’t want to fill pain now like our mother feels.Sori stret mama, God bai givim yu bel isi. I know she will not read this story but there’s someone who is God sees and will help her.God you help this poor woman who weeps for loosing her son.God will give you peace mama.

  • Innocent beings don’t deserve to die like this in the hands of animally brainless being s who have no regard for life.These culprits lives should be disregarded as and eliminated legally. when will the death sentence be legally introduced and practically implemented.Continuation of death sentence law federal is a promotion of such crime.can the government do something ?

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