MP backs move to boost growth in informal sector


LAE MP John Rosso will support the establishment of informal sector markets in the electorate, an official says.
Neill Ellery, an official from his office, said this during the re-opening of the 13A Bumbu Market in Lae on Wednesday.
“This is to give an opportunity to vendors to sell their produce and for the other market users to have access to such services,” he said.
“A market is the central place where many informal sector operators buy and sell and developing it is something that the MP is keen to develop.”
Ellery said Rosso had discussed with the New Zealand High Commissioner a trip next month to see how the Maoris developed themselves in terms of marketing.
“We will be observing how they get involved in the informal sector, especially doing marketing, and then trying to see how best we can provide this service for our people,” he said.
Amos Muriap from the office of Governor Ginson Saonu said he understood the need for better market shelter and facilities and would support Rosso’s plans.