MP presents K40,000 to churches


KIKORI MP Soroi Eoe presented K40,000 last week to four United Churches in Orokolo, Gulf.
Eoe, who is also Public Service Minister, said the money was for the church’s annual “boubou” (fundraising) and said that it was important to support them.
“Churches have been in existence for quite a long time in the country and continue to play an important role in development,” he said.
“Many schools and hospitals were built by churches since before independence and they work hand in hand with the state in bringing services to the people.”
Eoe said the request for support came from the Orokolo, Urika, Aird Hills and Karauti circuits.
The assistance to the churches is additional to the support they get from the provincial government.
Eoe said human resource development was crucial in developing Gulf province and churches played a significant role in achieving that goal.
The money will help the United Church in their annual activities involving the communities in the district.

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