MP pressures Enga police

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The National, Thursday 20th September, 2012

ENGA Governor Peter Ipatas says he will maintain pressure on police to bring to justice those involved in the kidnapping of the provincial election manager’s teenage son on July 31.
He is calling on the police commissioner to set up an investigation task force made up of independent police officers.
Ipatas made the call after an out-of-court settlement was paid two weeks ago by the kidnappers of Cleopas Roa’s 14-year-old son, Sobi.
The governor said the payment was made to Roa to withdraw a court case and police had ceased investigations as a result.
He said that was not right as the kidnapping was the first of its kind in the highlands and if he, as governor, took it lightly, it would set a bad precedence.
“We cannot let the case go. A criminal act has taken place and police must act because laws were broken.”
Ipatas said even if the family from New Ireland had withdrawn the case, he would pursue it with police as it had been an attack on him.
“If I do not act on this case, then, we are setting a bad precedence for future elections,” he said.
Sobi was kidnapped from outside the family home on Premiers Hill in Wabag at 4pm on July 31.
He was later released unharmed.