MP wants prison facility fast-tracked

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The National, Thursday February 13th, 2014


KOMO-Margarima MP Francis Potape yesterday asked the Correctional Services Minister Jim Simatab in parliament when the Aiwa prison facilities in his electorate will be open for use. 

Potape asked Simatab (pictured) if he was aware that the situation of the facilities was affecting progress in law and order issues in his electorate and Hela.

Potape told parliament that the prison facility would help in the control of law and order and decrease the high number of the transfers of prisoners to the Buiepi Jail in Southern Highlands.

Simatab assured the MP that he would write to him about his visit to the Komo-Margarima electorate to address the issue.

“There are a number of on-going problems and issues faced by most of the prisons in the Highlands region and we are trying our best to fast-track and solve the problems.

“I will sit with my commissioner and talk it over until such time in the near future when I lead a delegation and the commissioner to the Highlands region to address the issues and problems faced by the prisons,” he said.