MPs condemn killings in Moresby

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The National – Tuesday, February 1, 2011

THE minister for Foreign Affairs and Kandep MP Don Pomb Polye has called upon all citizens to bear in mind that it is not only unlawful but a moral wrong to create a situation which causes fear in the lives of other fellow citizens and residents.
Referring to ethnic clash in Port Moresby, between Engans and Taris, Polye said that this would undo years of hard work by respective leaders at all levels of government, community leaders, government agents, churches and NGOs to create an environment where both locals and foreigners could carry on their business and lives in peace and harmony.
Polye said that such negative events painted a bad picture of PNG and destroyed the air of confidence that had been built overtime which had seen an influx of foreigners who hade come to invest in business, provide voluntary aid and other humanitarian assistance.
“I call on all those who are directly involved to stop this nonsense.”
He also commended the police, particularly the acting deputy Commissioner Fred Yakasa and his men, for acting swiftly to bring things under control.
Meanwhile, NCD Governor Powes Parkop has strongly condemned the  violence and killings  from the clash.
Parkop said that fight between the Engans and Taris (Helas)  over the last few days resulting in deaths is “uncalled for” and “shows nothing positive but characteristics of people with no brains”.
“This is the capital city and not a village where you can fight and kill each other,” Parkop said.
“The majority of the law-abiding citizens are sick and tired of senseless killings between enemy groups. 
“I am thinking of shutting down Gordon Market and remove the Taris and Engans to a separate market,” he said.
A concerned Parkop said that business houses in Gordon were also affected and made losses because of the ongoing clashes.