Mt Hagen welcomes institute’s new branch

The National, Wednesday July 13th, 2016

MT Hagen City Commission chief executive Leo Noki has welcomed the International Training Institute’s (ITI) new branch.
Noki told a gathering during the opening of the ITI branch that it was part of development.
He said that would give the people further chance to continue their education and focus on their future.
“This is what the people in Mt Hagen city have been in need of and this institute will help to develop a lifestyle.
“I would like to welcome the decision of ITI to set up its new office in the province.
“Mt Hagen is the third city and this will help to accommodate the majority of the population that wish to further their studies,” Noki said.
He said education never ends and such institute would help to promote education in the province.
He said people would need to further their education and ITI was one of the many that was giving a second chance in life to people.
“I am eligible to continue my education and this is what I want others to follow.
“We need to focus on making our lives become easier and that is through education,” Noki said.