Murder suspects nabbed

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The National, Friday 30th December 2011

POLICE have arrested two men wanted for questioning over the killing of two men
in Brown River last month.
Central police commander John Maru said the two were with others when police raided the house they were occupying at Laloki
on Boxing Day.
Maru said they received a tip-off that
the group was planning to rob vehicles that night.
Maru said the pair were locked up at the 15-Mile police cell and will be formally charged.
In another incident, Maru said a man of mixed Goilala and Gulf origin was shot by police at the Laloki Psychiatric Hospital on Boxing Day when he tried to attack village court officials.
Police did not know why he wanted to attack the officials.
He said the same man had earlier on Christmas Day threatened a police officer and attempted to burn the Laloki Police Post.
When police went to apprehend him, he smashed a beer can on an officer’s face and tried to escape. Police shot him in the leg.
He will be charged after he is released from the Port Moresby General Hospital.