Nadzab Airport name shouldn’t be changed


SUPPORT the comment by one of Morobe’s senior statesmen, Samson Napo in yesterday’s The National that it is wrong for Morobe Governor Ginson Saonu to rename Nadzab Airport to Sir Michael Thomas Somare International Airport.
There was no proper consultation amongst key stakeholders, particularly the Wampar landowners, who may have now lost their identity through such rush action and decision.
With due respect to our late Grand Chief, another iconic institution within the province should be used with his name.
A wiser and more sensible example would have been for the provincial government to build a transit hotel around Nadzab under its business arm and call it Sir Michael Thomas Somare Nadzab Hotel.
The name Nadzab International Airport must remain as it is.

Robin Siwick,
Busu Maunten

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