Namah definitely up to no good

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday 11th January 2012

DEPUTY Prime Minister Belden Namah has been in the thick of all controversial decisions and actions of the O’Neill government from day one.
The actions the government had taken are unusual, unprecedented and illegal, for example the short-lived suspension of the Chief Justice, the deportation of Graeme Osborne, visiting convicts at Bomana jail and now the Falcon jet fiasco over Indonesian airspace.
We demand answers about this secretive trip to Malaysia and his return with Malaysian nationals. What was this trip about? The state ministers went there without their usual ministerial staff entourage.
Surely, rich Malaysian businesses would have hired their own private jets to come to PNG to sign a palm oil deal with Namah at Government House. Why give them a free ride on our aircraft?
If the Indonesians sent two fighter jets to try to intercept the Falcon jet then they would have suspected that a large amount of money, firearms and other contraband were being ferried through their airspace.
Now what about the senior minister whose Port Moresby house was raided and large quantities of ammunitions found? Why have police remained tight-lipped about this?
The Sweep Team must investigate this, not let police sweep it under the carpet because these are ammunition for high-powered firearms used by the police and the military. They do not belong in a residence.
Namah visited prisoners at Bomana during the festive season. Did he promise to release them using the Power of Mercy on the condition that they will be armed to prop up his illegal government?
Anything and everything is possible if the events unfolding thus far are any indication. The current political impasse must end now!
The good Police Commissioner Tom Kulunga must intervene and execute the Supreme Court orders.
These orders must be seen to be complied forthwith without further delay. It is his constitutional duty to do so without fear or favour.
Let the Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare take his lawful seat in parliament on Jan 17. This will be seen as complying with the Supreme Court orders.

Joe Apo