New airport runway improves safety: Tupiri

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The National,Tuesday July 5th, 2016

THE completion of the Girua Airport runway in Northern in March  has enabled Q400 and similar types of aircrafts to operate safely, National Airports Corporation acting director Joseph Tupiri says.
Tupiri told The National that the work on the runway was completed on March 17 and had been in use since March 18.
He said the work on the Girua Airport was progressing well.
The construction of the new terminal building commenced on March 28.
Tupiri said the new terminal building was completed on May 24, including the completion of the new concrete floor.
This was followed by the installation of the structural steel frame which commenced on June 10 with the final installation of the roofing frames still in progress
“Upon the completion of the structural steel frames, the installation of the colour bond roofing and the masonry wall are scheduled to be carried out later this month,” Tupiri said.
“This will be followed by the construction of the new terminal building interior offices with other terminal building facilities.”
Tupiri said apart from the work on the pavement and new terminal building, works on the airport  included a water supply, sewerage system, reserve power supply, car park, access road and a beautification project.
“With the current weather condition in Popondetta, it is anticipated that there will be minimal delays in the progress of work,” he said.
“Delays as a result of wet weather will be eliminated when the new terminal building roofing is installed.”
The project is jointly funded by the Asian Development Bank (78 per cent) K26.52m and GoPNG (22 per cent) K7.48m.
Project contractor China Harbour Engineering confirmed that the construction of the airport runway, which is 1675m long and 30m wide, was completed.
The new facilities that the current project has been built on were non-existent at the airport apart from the rundown terminal building.
A feasibility study was conducted in 2013 as a lead-up to the redevelopment of the airport facilities.
The project started last year and is expected to be completed by September this year.