Nurses symposium needs backing

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The National, Friday July 26th, 2013


Nurses are the backbone of medical services but they have been looked down upon for a long time, Nurses Association (NA) president Eimi Kaptigau says.

Kaptigau said this during a media conference yesterday when appealing for financial support for the 12th nurses symposium to be held at Mendi, Southern Highlands, on Nov 4-8. 

The association was appealing to the general public and business houses for financial support for the symposium. 

The aim of the symposium is to bring nurses from all over the country to present research on their clinical practices. 

She said nurses have struggled to fund the symposium in past years.

She said this year they wanted it to be a success and appealed to business houses and stakeholders for financial support. 

“This symposium is for a good cause of the betterment of the delivery of nursing services,” she said.

She said nurses have been equipped with clinical theory and services they must provide quality services.

“We want an evidence-based practice and through the symposium that we would learn from each other and enhance our skills,” Kaptigau said.   

“This would also help to us discover problems from a provincial level.”

Symposium chairman Benedict Laba said this would be an opportunity for nurses to interact and learn from each others’ clinical backgrounds. 

“We would like business houses to support this symposium for the good of the Health Dpartment, Southern Highlands and the country,” he said.