OBE to be phased out gradually, official says

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The National, Wednesday November 6th, 2013

 THERE will be a gradual phasing out of the outcomes-based education system, elementary and primary school teachers in East New Britain have been told.

Provincial senior professional assistant for primary schools Casper Ruga appealed to teachers not to suddenly panic and change their  way of teaching on news of the abolishment of OBE.

“With the introduction of the new standard based curriculum, outcomes-based education will be phased out slowly meaning a little bit of both should be still implemented in schools,” he said.

He said the new standard based curriculum that will begin at elementary and primary schools will gradually phase out OBE but secondary schools will continue to teach the OBE curriculum.  

Ruga said of the 61 recommendations made by the task force to the Government, eight were categorised as high level recommendations arranged in key focus areas.

Some of the key focus areas were curriculum reform, assessment reform, teacher education and training reform, teacher education and training infrastructure upgrade reform, teachers welfare and salaries reform, curriculum management and administration reform, corporate governance and leadership reform, policy reform, legislative reform, educational structural reform, research monitoring and evaluation reform.

Ruga said by 2014 English will be taught at elementary schools as a separate subject.