Quality of education dropped: Author

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The National, Wednesday November 6th, 2013

 THE quality of education in the country has dropped since 1980, an economist says.

Tiri Kuimbakul (pictured) told graduating students at Togoba Secondary School in Western Highlands that not all students in the country can compete internationally as their written and spoken English was poor. 

He said the government was boasting about its free education policy without considering the infrastructure problems that schools were facing. 

“As a result, students would get free low quality education.” 

He said schools were ill-equipped with library and text books.

Kuimbakul, who is an author, said tertiary institution had no proper laboratories for students to carry out their research and they were overcrowded in classrooms, making it difficult for teachers to attend to all of them individually.

He said the country’s current teacher to student ratio stands at around 1:60 and that was high.

He urged the government to take the issue into consideration. 

Kuimbakul urged the graduating students who did not receive their offers to be productive by venturing into small business rather than engaging in illegal activities.