Occupational health, safety important in workplace: Academic


TWENTY-EIGHT students graduated with occupational health, safety and risk management earlier this month at the University of Technology.
Head of Department of Communication and Development studies Dr Garry Sali said health and safety were most important aspects that needed to be addressed with diligence at the work place.
The students attended two weeks training.
“Safety and health are most important issue that any organisation needs to be conscious of and training should be provided to its employees to equip them well with effective and satisfactory safety measures at all times,” Sali said.
The participants were told that the certificates they were receiving were worth the money they had spent because from the training, they could be in a better position to identify hazards, manage risks and safety and prevent hazards from happening that could affect human lives. Specialist trainer and instructor Bill Sunde Miname said three key concepts of safety management system were input, process performance and output measures in any organisation or industry in the world.
All organisations should have safety training and measures in place to prevent hazards from happening as with an able and healthy employee it will be a gain and not a loose for any organisation.
He said the course was offered every six months which costs K6,500. After two weeks of training the university awards participants certificate levels, one, two and three.
It is offered by Department of Communication and Development studies.

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